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Super Cover
Super Cover
Please CALL 1-888-743-8121 to order


Please call to order!
The safest, strongest, most efficient, longest lasting cover ever! This is the perfect cover for spas located in extreme climates or hot tubs recessed into a deck where they could be stepped onto accidentally. The SuperCover includes every feature found on the ThermoCover but is even stronger and more energy efficient. With proper care, the SuperCover could be the last cover your hot tub will ever need. The SuperCover is an upgrade option for any ThermoSpas hot tub. It can even be custom ordered to fit other manufacturer's hot tubs.

Item # - (Depends on Spa Model - PLEASE CALL 1-888-743-8121)

Note: Because of its additional weight and strength, having a cover lifter will greatly enhance the ease of using a SuperCover.

  • 2 lb. foam density (Double the industry standard)
  • R-20 (200% more efficient than industry standard)
  • 1000 lb. weight load (6-2/3 times the industry standard)