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What makes ThermoSpas Covers better?

The hot tub cover is one of the most important purchases you can make for your hot tub. It is vital for keeping spa water warm, and friends and family safe. ThermoSpas covers feature thick insulation to save on energy so your hot tub costs less to operate. A ThermoSpas cover is strong and durable, designed to be safer and last longer than any other cover made. Most importantly our covers are specifically designed for your hot tub to ensure a perfect fit.

Why can't I order covers online?

Our hot tub covers are designed specifically to fit your unique hot tub. Since we have many different makes and models, our customers find it easier to work directly with one of our factory representatives who are trained to advise you on the best cover for your spa. This ensures that you will get the right cover for your particular spa and that it will fit correctly when you receive it.

To Order Please Call: 1-888-743-8121

Replacement Covers

Thermo Cover Thermo Cover

Thermo Cover
A step above the Genesis, our ThermoCover comes standard on all ThermoSpas Designer Series hot tubs. Its easy-to-grip handles, light weight construction, and long list of safety features led to this being the only cover in the spa industry to receive the Ease of Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.