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Sanitizing your hot tub is one of the most important steps you can take in hot tub maintenance. Not only does sanitization keep your hot tub free of germs so you can use it safely, it also helps put less strain on the plumbing and other elements of your hot tub. Most people think of chlorine, which is the most effective sanitizer, when they think about sanitizing their hot tubs. There are, however, other options available, such as using Bromine. At Thermospas, you can choose the sanitizer that you prefer and purchase it at a reasonable price. You can purchase these items singularly or as a pack, whichever works best for you!

Simple Conversion Table:
3 Teaspoons = 1 Tablespoon = 0.5 ounce
(The cap on our Spa Activator is equal to 1.5 ounces or 3 Tablespoons)

Sanitizers & Purifiers

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ThermoClear Purifier Cartridge Thermoclear Purifier Cartridge

ThermoClear continually sanitizes your water 24/7 and is the #1 choice of ThermoSpas customers!

Price $26.99
Bromide Liquid Salts 1Qt Bromide Liquid Salts 1Qt

For those not wishing to use chlorine, Two-Part Bromine is a good alternative. The two part system includes Bromide Liquid Salts which are used once a week and Spa Activator.

Price $13.99
Chlorinating Granules 2Lb Chlorinating Granules 2Lb

Chlorine is the fasting acting sanitizer for correcting water problems so it is recommended to have on hand no matter what sanitizer you choose ongoing.

Price $17.99
Bromine Tablets 1.5Lb Bromine Tablets

Bromine is an effective alternative for those not wanting to use Thermo-Clear or Chlorine but it is not available for sale in most European countries

Price $16.99
Spa Activator (Shock) 2.2lb Spa Activator (Shock) 2.2Lb

Up to 4 times more active ingredients than many competitive formulations.

Price $12.99
(3 Pack) Spa Activator Shock 2.2lb (3 Pack) Spa Activator Shock 2.2Lb

Spa Activator is a non-chlorine oxidizer. It acts as either an oxidizer as part of a 2 part disinfection system for hot tubs or as a non-chlorine shock that may be used by itself or with other methods of water purification.

Price $35.99
(3 Pack) Chlorinating Granules 2Lb (3 Pack) Chlorinating Granules 2Lb

Chlorine is considered to be the most effective chemical sanitizer you can use in a hot tub. Because it is such a good oxidizer, there is less chance of staining.

Price $47.99