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Introducing the FROG @ease 2-in-1 Water Care System: Effortless Water Care Made Simple

Experience the ultimate solution for maintaining crystal-clear water in your ThermoSpas hot tub or swim spa with the FROG @ease 2-in-1 Water Care System. This innovative system combines the power of SmartChlor® and FROG minerals to provide you with hassle-free water maintenance.

The SmartChlor cartridge self-regulates the chlorine levels in your water, ensuring effective sanitization without the drawbacks of excessive chemical use. Paired with FROG minerals, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and contaminants. With continuous dispensing and easy installation, the FROG @ease system takes the stress out of water care, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your hot tub or swim spa.

Discover the joy of effortless water care with the FROG @ease 2-in-1 Water Care System and indulge in the crystal-clear, fresh water you deserve. Order now and experience relaxation without the fuss.

Ready to get started, follow the guide below to ensure you have the 3 products needed to begin!

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FROG@ease - SmartChlor 3PK FROG@ease - Sanitizing System Starter Kit FROG@ease - Sanitizing Cartridge Holder
Replace the SmartChlor® cartridge every 3-4 weeks. The box includes three (3) SmartChlor® cartridges.

Requires FROG @ease cartridge holder and sanitizing system starter kit sold separately.
Use this when filling your spa with fresh water. The box includes a 4-month supply of @ease test strips, one (1) FROG® jump start packet, one (1) SmartChlor® cartridge, and one (1) FROG® mineral cartridge.

Requires cartridge holder sold separately.
Cartridge Holder for the new Frog@Ease Cartridge Sanitizing System.

This is the Cartridge Holder only, FROG@ease - Sanitizing System Starter Kit sold separately.