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Escape Elixirs Lavander Palmarosa Original Elixirs Eucalyptus Mint
Price $14.99
Price $12.99
For a luxurious spa experience, blend Spazazz Elixirs into your spa water and enjoy as therapeutic qualities of the natural botanicals promote relaxation, while the soothing scents alleviate tired muscles and moisturizing skin. This blend of lavender and subtle rose-like qualities is elemental in creating a relaxing atmosphere. A natural remedy for muscle tension, Elixirs reduce stress and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Spazazz Elixirs are oil free and will not clog your filter.
For a luxurious spa experience, blend Spazazz Elixirs into your spa water and enjoy. The Eucalyptus Mint releases a stimulating aroma.
TruTest Digital Tester Thermoclear Purifier Cartridge
Price $59.99
Price $26.99
TruTest Digital Tester ThermoClear Purifier Cartridge
The combination of test strips and digital technology provides simple and accurate readings of sanitizer (both chlorine and bromine), pH, and total alkalinity. ThermoClear continually sanitizes your water 24/7 and is the #1 choice of ThermoSpas customers!
Filter Flosser Spa Activator (Shock) 2.2Lb
Price $34.99
Price $12.99
Spa Activator (Shock) 2.2lb
Filter Flosser releases a powerful spray that reaches between the pleats of your cartridge to away dirt deposits Up to 4 times more active ingredients than many competitive formulations.