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Do you want to make it easier to lift your hot tub cover?  Unfortunately, some hot tub covers can be difficult to remove, making getting in and out of a hot tub a laborious experience. With the help of Thermolift technology, lifting the hot tub cover on and off of your hot tub is a much easier experience.  The mechanism is easy to install and, once in place, even those with arthritis find it to be much easier to lift their hot tub covers. In fact, the Thermolift 300 has been approved by the Arthritis Foundation and has received its Ease of Use Commendation.

Cover Lifters

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ThermoMount Lifter ThermoMount Lifter

The ThermoMount cover lifter slides under your hot tub for easy installation.

Price $279.00
ThermoScreen Lifter ThermoScreen Lifter

The ThermoScreen cover lifter features hydraulic gas springs and creates a privacy barrier when opened.

Price $309.00
ThermoView Lifter ThermoView Lifter

The ThermoView cover lifter utilizes a dual shock system for easy opening and closing and provides an unobstructed view when in use.

Price $409.00