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Keeping your hot tub water clean and clear is an important part of being a hot tub owner.  Not only will this help improve your hot tub experience while keeping your hot tub looking great, it will also help to increase the longevity of your hot tub.  At Thermospas, you can purchase everything you need to keep your water clear, including stain and scale cleaners, clarifiers made of natural enzymes, foam away, pre-filters, and more.  Everything you need for a pleasant hot tub experience and a happy hot tub can be found at Thermospas. You can even purchase a package that includes everything you need in one place, including jet cleaner, scrubbers, and conditioner.

Water Clarity

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Stain and Scale 1 Qt Natural and Clear 1 Qt Spa Foam Away 1 Qt
Stain and Scale
Price $23.99
Spa Foam Away
Price $27.99
With low mineral content add 2 ounces per/100 gallons on initial fill and 1 ounce per/100 gallons weekly. Natural & Clear is a natural enzyme that breaks down the organics and contaminants in the water, purifying the water, helping to prevent oil slicks and common water scum lines. Foaming in your water has a variety of causes. Though it is not harmful to you or your spa it does minimize the effectiveness of your sanitizer.
Liquid Calcium 1Qt Protection Plus 1Qt
Liquid Calcium
Price $11.99
Protection Plus
Price $23.99
In a 300 gallon spa Liquid Calcium raises the calcium level 15 ppm per/ounce. With low mineral content add 1 ounce per/100 gallons on initial fill and .5 ounce per/100 gallons weekly.  With high mineral content add 3 ounces per/100 gallons on initial fill and 1.5 ounces per/100 gallons weekly