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What makes ThermoSpas Covers better?

The hot tub cover is one of the most important purchases you can make for your hot tub. It is vital for keeping spa water warm, and friends and family safe. ThermoSpas covers feature thick insulation to save on energy so your hot tub costs less to operate. A ThermoSpas cover is strong and durable, designed to be safer and last longer than any other cover made. Most importantly our covers are specifically designed for your hot tub to ensure a perfect fit.

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Thermocover Clips ThermoMount Lifter ThermoScreen Lifter
ThermoMount Lifter
Price $279.00
ThermoScreen Lifter
Price $309.00
In the event that your ThermoCover's locking system is broken or damaged, ThermoSpas offers replacement Cover Clips. The ThermoMount cover lifter slides under your hot tub for easy installation. The ThermoScreen cover lifter features hydraulic gas springs and creates a privacy barrier when opened.
ThermoView Lifter
ThermoView Lifter
Price $409.00
The ThermoView cover lifter utilizes a dual shock system for easy opening and closing and provides an unobstructed view when in use.