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Maintaining a hot tub cover and getting full use of the cover often requires utilizing some special merchandise. Hot tub cover patches, for example, can be used to make repairs to a cover that has become worn and tattered. Cover clips can also be used to help hold down your cover if the locking mechanisms have become damaged. Hot tub cover straps also help keep your cover in place, while a thermoblanket can also be used to help extend the life of your hot tub cover. All of these hot tub cover products and many more can be purchased through Thermospas.

Cover Care

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Hot Tub Cover Conditioner  1 pt Cover Conditioner

Protects and extends the life of your cover.

Price $16.99
Thermocover Clips ThermoCover Clips - Push Button Release

In the event that your ThermoCover's locking system is broken or damaged, ThermoSpas offers replacement Cover Clips.

Retail Price $18.00