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Inline Filter 10 Sq Ft
Inline Filter 10 Sq Ft

Please note: filters ship individually.
Price $27.99


This filter fits all models listed below:

  • Townhouse/Lexington (Rectangular Basket*) - 2 filters needed
  • Penthouse/Phoenix (Rectangular Basket*) - 2 filters needed
  • Gemini/Cape Cod (Drop-In Filters) - 1 filter needed
  • Paradise (Rectangular Basket) - 1 filter needed

*Filters used on newest models

Why Our Filters Last Longer

End Cap
Made with anti-microbial, crack resistant polyurethane, that inhibits growth of bacteria, and is resistant to chlorine and bromine.

Designed to maximize flow for improved efficiency, while reduces wear and tear on the pump, and extends cartridge life.

Tightly secured to each pleat to prevent pleat from folding over, and maximize usable filter area. Many filters have none.

Made of the highest grade spun bonded polyester REEMAY fabric. More resistant to rot and mildew, easy to clean, and designed to retain physical shape even when exposed to solvents so that it will withstand more frequent cleaning cycles.

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