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Chlorinating Granules 2Lb
Chlorinating Granules 2Lb
Price $26.99



Maintenance Program: After you fill your spa you should always maintain a 1 to 3 ppm level of chlorine. Spas with ThermOzone and can be kept at a Chlorine level 1 ppm especially when used in conjunction with ThermoClear. To initially raise the chlorine level add ½ teaspoon for every 100 gallons. Example: add 1.5 teaspoons for a 300 gallon spa and 2 tablespoons for a 1200 gallon swim spa. Chlorine should be added after every use and 3 times a week when spa is not in use.

To lower the scent and maintain chlorine level of only 2ppm use Spa Activator. Simply add 2 ounces (for 1 to 2 people and an additional ½ ounce for each additional user) of Spa Activator each time after you use the spa and 2 ounces each week when spa is not in use along with testing and adding Chlorine 3 times per/week when required.

Includes the highest available concentrate available for hot tub use.

  • pH neutral
  • Highly soluble and fast-acting

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