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Chlorine is the best sanitizer that you can use to keep your hot tub clean and clear.  Not only is it effective at treating water, it also will not stain your hot tub and will reduce the stress put on your plumbing.  At Thermospas, you can choose from a variety of chlorine package options.  For example, you can purchase a six month package if you like or you can simply purchase one 2 pound package of chlorine.  With a variety of options, you can easily select the one that is right for you.  Donít forget to add the chlorine test strips, which will help you make certain you have just the right amount of chlorine added to your water.
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Chlorine Test Strips (50pk) TruTest Digital Strips Chlorinating Granules 2Lb
Dip a Chlorine Test Strip into your water and in 15 seconds you will be reading the Chlorine, pH and Total Alkalinity levels in your spa. 50 test strips to get accurate readings of sanitizer (both chlorine and bromine), pH, and total alkalinity. Chlorine is the fasting acting sanitizer for correcting water problems so it is recommended to have on hand no matter what sanitizer you choose ongoing.
(3 Pack) Chlorinating Granules 2Lb TruTest Digital Tester Chlorine System - 6 Month Supply Deluxe Pkg
Chlorine is considered to be the most effective chemical sanitizer you can use in a hot tub. Because it is such a good oxidizer, there is less chance of staining.
The combination of test strips and digital technology provides simple and accurate readings of sanitizer (both chlorine and bromine), pH, and total alkalinity. Everything you need to maintain your spa with Chlorine.