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As a hot tub owner, you are undoubtedly looking for great ways to keep your water clean and pure.  One method for maintaining your water is to use the Thermoclear system.  With Thermoclear, you simply insert a special cartridge in the filter of your hot tub and then add Spa Activator 20 minutes before you use your hot tub.  When you use this system, your water won’t need any maintenance for up to four months at a time.  If your water is already experiencing problems, on the other hand, you can use Spa Activator to get things looking great once more.
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ThermoClear Purifier Cartridge Spa Activator (Shock) 2.2lb (3 Pack) Spa Activator Shock 2.2lb
Thermoclear Purifier Cartridge
Retail Price $34.99
Spa Activator (Shock) 2.2Lb
Retail Price $19.49
(3 Pack) Spa Activator Shock 2.2Lb
Retail Price $48.57
ThermoClear continually sanitizes your water 24/7 and is the #1 choice of ThermoSpas customers! Up to 4 times more active ingredients than many competitive formulations. Spa Activator is a non-chlorine oxidizer. It acts as either an oxidizer as part of a 2 part disinfection system for hot tubs or as a non-chlorine shock that may be used by itself or with other methods of water purification.
TruTest Digital Tester TruTest Digital Strips Thermoclear System - 6 Month Supply Deluxe Pkg
TruTest Digital Tester
Retail Price $59.99
TruTest Digital Strips
Retail Price $15.99
Thermoclear System - 6 Month Supply Pkg
Our Price: $240.00
The combination of test strips and digital technology provides simple and accurate readings of sanitizer (both chlorine and bromine), pH, and total alkalinity. 50 test strips to get accurate readings of sanitizer (both chlorine and bromine), pH, and total alkalinity. Everything you need to maintain your spa with ThermoClear and more!