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Bromine is a good alternative for those that donít wish to use chlorine as a hot tub sanitizer.  While chlorine is still considered to be the most effective option, some people have problems with chlorine and may experience sensitivity to the chemical.  At Thermospas, you can choose from a wide variety of different packaging and application options for Bromine.  Whether you want enough to get you through the next month or you want to take advantage of one of our six month packages, you will find what you need at Thermospas.  In addition, you can purchase Bromine test strips so you can be certain your levels are just right.
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TruTest Digital Strips Bromine Test Strips (50pk) Bromide Liquid Salts 1Qt
50 test strips to get accurate readings of sanitizer (both chlorine and bromine), pH, and total alkalinity. Dip a Bromine Test Strip into your water and in 15 seconds you will be reading the Bromine, pH and Total Alkalinity levels in your spa. For those not wishing to use chlorine, Two-Part Bromine is a good alternative. The two part system includes Bromide Liquid Salts which are used once a week and Spa Activator.
Bromine Float Dispenser Bromine Tablets 1.5Lb TruTest Digital Tester
Bromine Tablets
Price $16.99
Large Bromine tablets require the use of a bromine dispenser which should be removed when you use your spa and replaced upon exiting. Bromine is an effective alternative for those not wanting to use Thermo-Clear or Chlorine but it is not available for sale in most European countries The combination of test strips and digital technology provides simple and accurate readings of sanitizer (both chlorine and bromine), pH, and total alkalinity.